From Bell Ringers To Wedding Singers…

From Bell Ringers to Wedding Singers: Titanium's ultimate guide to wedding music

Ever wondered how movies make the simplest exchange of words into the most romantic of scenes? Cue the perfect underscoring. (Without Celine Dion the bow of the Titanic would have been simply blustery.) Whilst a full orchestra backing during the exchange of vows is perhaps a touch overblown, do consider the musical accompaniment to your day.

Whether it's the traditional Wedding March or a more personal choice, the music you walk down the aisle to is something you will forever remember as part of that very special moment. The accompaniment should be perfectly timed and executed in order to enhance and not distract from the entrance of the bride. Communicate your expectations clearly beforehand with whoever is responsible for the music.

Consider too the ambience during the drinks reception. Elegant background music gives a sense of occasion and encourages chatter if it is an otherwise quiet environment. Live music also serves as a talking point for guests; a wedding brings together a wonderful assortment of family and friends who may be meeting for the first time.

The much anticipated First Dance as newly weds is another very personal choice. Consider not only the music, but how you wish to hear this - the original recording of that special song, or perhaps a live re-arrangement of a track if it's not typically suited to a 'slow dance' (Radio 1's famous Live Lounge sees artists re-interpret the rockiest of hits as breath taking ballads.)

When it comes to the evening entertainment, let this reflect your style as a couple. Be it a DJ set, a swing band, a tribute artist or a fiddle and tambourine as you gallop through a barn dance, choose something suited to your personal tastes. Of course, if you are planning a barn dance, be sure to include this on the invites – no guest wants to miss out for want of appropriate footwear!

Be mindful also of allowing areas that are a little quieter, away from the main entertainment. Weddings are a time where relatives and old friends can catch up, and spaces for guests to talk and hear one another easily are important.

Plan well the music choices throughout your day and if in doubt, seek advice. Professionals in the wedding industry have done this hundreds of times over – you have (hopefully!) only one big day, and want to ensure it's everything you had hoped for. Good luck and happy planning!