Happiest Day of Your Life

Your wedding day - the happiest day of your life.

The Happiest Day of Your Life

Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life. Though the planning and expense preceding the day itself may present some less than fun moments, we guarantee these tips will make it all worthwhile and assure you the perfect day.

  • Appoint someone to co-ordinate the services you have contracted for the day. When the caterers, musicians, bouncy castle etc arrive, be sure to have someone available to greet and direct them to their setup area. This might be your wedding planner or a trusted usher or bridesmaid. Supply contact numbers to both your ‘responsible contact’ and the services you have booked so that communication needn’t go through you on the day.
  • Delegate the role of ‘Director of Guests’ to someone with excellent crowd communication skills. This person can direct guests towards drinks and canapés or assist the photographer in staging group pictures if need be. A bright friend with a big voice is your ideal candidate for this, ensuring a slick and enjoyable event that keeps to the timings you had in mind.
  • Compose a checklist ahead of the wedding day. This is a good idea when it comes to details that can't be addressed until the day itself such as flowers, the cake and transportation of the bridal party. Committing these details to paper helps to alleviate the stress of keeping it all in mind and makes it easy for someone else to see where they can assist.
  • Beware the family traditions. Expectations of relatives are a sensitive issue and should be addressed well in advance. Opinions on everything from the cake flavour to the processional music may be expressed so be sensitive but clear about what you would like to happen on your wedding day. Sometimes however, it is important to honour the traditions and hopes of your family and in doing so you express gratitude for and recognition of your upbringing before you form a new and sacred bond with another family.
  • Cherish the company. A wedding is a rare occasion to gather all your favourite people in one place, where no other event takes precedent! Relish the fact that on this one day you have every person that is dear to you there to celebrate the occasion.