No Surprises

Inspired by Channel 4’s “Married At First Sight”, here’s our No Surprises guide!

Married At First Sight, No Surprises

We’ve loved catching up with Channel 4’s “Married At First Sight” where bride and groom first set eyes upon one another at the altar. A wedding day can be nerve wracking already… marrying a complete stranger must be downright terrifying!

Inspired by the series, we’ve come up with a checklist to help remove the element of unwelcome surprise on your wedding day when it comes to our specialist subject: the music.

Know who you are marrying. Unless you have agreed to take part in Channel 4’s bold social experiment, we highly recommend the ‘no surprises’ approach with thorough consideration of your future spouse.

- Communicate well with the musicians before the event. If you are being accompanied by live musicians as you walk down the aisle, check the length of the piece you will use and consider the point at which you will enter. For instance, the music could play for a short while to build anticipation and may have a certain swelling point that would beautifully underscore your entrance. Once you have arrived at the end of the aisle the music needn’t last too much longer and should either fade or finish appropriately here. Plan with the musicians whether you may require a shortened version or just a section of a longer movement.

- Appoint someone well organised to liase with the musicians or entertainment on the day of the wedding. The happy couple are to enjoy their celebrations so we recommend you leave the ‘on the ground’ coordination to someone else. This might be your wedding planner, or perhaps the Best Man or an Usher. People close to the couple like to feel involved, so delegation of responsibility is more often received as an honour rather than a burden! This person should know the timings of the live entertainment and the requirements of the musicians. Requirements are usually a place to get changed and secure belongings during the performance time, and an area allocated for the performance itself.

- If you have booked a live music set or hired a DJ, be clear about the genres you would like to hear - or would NOT like to hear! Musicians usually have a number of pre-prepared playlists catering for different tastes but will often also invite you to create your own playlist from their repertoire selection.

- Provide details about the style of your wedding if you would like the musicians to wear particular attire - whether this is classic formal wear, a certain colour scheme or a more bohemian and relaxed look for the occasion.

- Don’t leave it too late! If you have your heart set on a particular act or ensemble, make sure to secure the booking well in advance in order to avoid disappointment.